The Platform = Connections

The Member = You, the Interior Designer, Architect or Design and Build product specifier

1: Free membership eligibility – Interior Designers and Architects ONLY

I: Only Interior Designers, Architects & Design and Build specifiers are eligible for a free ‘Design Professional’ membership.

II: ‘The member’ has full and free access to every resource on ‘the platform’.

III: Manufacturers and Suppliers are not eligible for a Design Professional membership. Any person or organisation signing up to a FREE Design Professional membership to promote products or services to the Interior Designers and Architects that use ‘The Platform’ do so accepting that their business will be charged a standard manufacturers membership fee, as is at time of sign up.

III: ‘The member’ can create a full ‘Business’ profile to be listed in out Find-a-Design’ professional portal, or create a ‘User’ profile to avail of the free resources without the need for business marketing.

2: Management of ‘The members’ profile

I: ‘The member’ self manages their profile, including upload of company description, Logo’s, video and images.

II: ‘The Member’ agrees to upload images and content appropriate to the core aim of ‘The Platform’, being relevant to Interior Design & Architecture and any person seeking to hire a Design Professional.

III: Should ‘The members’ create a full Business profile this will be marketed to potential clients to facilitate ‘the member’ winning business.

3: Outcomes and Delivery

I: ‘The Platform’ agrees to deliver hosting and technologies to allow ‘The member’ to utilise ‘the platform’ to present ‘the members’ company brand to potential clients.

II: ‘The platform’ can and will showcase your business; however, the platform cannot guarantee that any leads provided will convert to business.

4: Best practice guidelines

I: ‘The member’ agrees to adhere to best practice guidelines for uploading of images and content

II: ‘The member’ may upload an unlimited number of images, albeit using the aforementioned best practice guidelines which will be provided to ‘the member’ upon creation of your free account.

5: Use and ownership of uploaded images

I: ‘The Platform’ reserves the right to use any images uploaded to ‘the platform’ to form promotional materials

II: Should ‘The members’ images be utilised for promotional materials ‘The member’ will be named on the material to ensure that those viewing the promotional image know that it is derived from ‘the member’.

II: ‘The member’ retains ownership of all images uploaded. Your images and data are safe at all times and you and/or your business retains all rights and ownership of said content.

6: Information and Data

I: The information and data provided for the delivery of this contract will not be provided to third parties.

II: All members will be added to our email contact list to make ‘the member’ aware of updates of new resources made available on ‘the platform’.

  1. Cancellation of membership

I: ‘The member’ has the right to cancel their free membership at any time. This can be completed through your account dashboard.





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