Velasca, London – Chiltern Street

Studio Collaborated with Velasca Milano and the Milanese-based Paloma
Architects for the design and delivery of the London flagship store for
Velasca, an Independent brand which designs and manufactures hand-made
Italian men shoes, in Chiltern Street a few meters away from the
Chiltern Fire House in the upscale Marylebone area in London.

store spans on two levels with a new staircase in blackened steel,
enclosed by bespoke low level bookshelves. While preserving the heritage
features of the building, such as the two columns flanking the entrance
and restoring the herringbone floor, the store design introduced a mix
of already lived-in bespoke furniture units mixed with vintage elements
which were directly sourced from Lodon antique shops with the aim to
create a workshop-like and lived in interior atmosphere, the Bowling
Club being a playful theme which reminds of the 1960s swinging London.

store launched at the end of 2019 with an opening which happened at the
same time of the Chiltern Street Christmas Market night.

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