Royal Mint Gardens

Grand Reception For Royal Mint Gardens Concept. A unique development underway in Tower Bridge with access to central London in a matter of minutes. The individual apartments with on site Spa, Gym pool and treatment rooms is further complemented by a private games room and lounge. The main reception was to be styled as a grand hotel foyer. Being a Malaysian developer the focus had to be on Feng Shui, which is very important to them. the style finishes and overall layout were dictated by the oriental system. Nicholas was trained in the Far East as well as London In his Feng Shi Masters and uses it as a foundation in all his projects.

Elements featured polished plaster walls, brass inlaid floor direction layers, silver inlay lift doors against rich purple leather. The giant feature lights in blown crystal with multi colours offset the living trees by the reception desk, white marble against a backdrop of gold leaf inlaid plaster and angel lights floating above. The seating allowed a relaxing waiting area with in lit iridescent silver and gold globe complementing the the tree pots and curves of the desk. The staircase was a web of glass and silver spiralling through the levels, reflecting the wave walls in earth and representing continuous movement. The projects whilst invited to NSI we combined the service of sister company Twos Company Interior Design with Gilly Craft.

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