Luxury home, North London

Integrated smart control provides the finishing touch for a luxury dream home.

Parkland, golf courses, and schools
create a splendid family atmosphere
in North London. Characterised by
attractive period features, spaciousness,
and an active community, it is an
aspirational living destination.
Looking to revamp their home, this
private client contact IDS to gain
complete control of all their subsystems.
A bespoke, integrated automated system
was the way to go.
Tas Kyriacou explains, “We were excited
by this project, as there were several
elements to the project that we had
to integrate and customise to suit the
client’s needs. We completed it in several
stages, future proofing with extensions
and further development work in mind.”

The winning combination.

We used a combination of the latest technology
to deliver a high-performance scheme
throughout the home, from the kitchen and living
spaces to the gym and cigar room.

The scheme included:

• Definitive Technology speakers

• Blustream video distribution

• Crestron lighting and audio distribution

• Cisco switches

• Sanus comms rack

• 2N video entry

• Risco intruder alarm

• Dauha CCTV

• Silent Gliss remote controlled blinds

Kitchen and living areas.

Floor-to-ceiling bi-folding doors frame the kitchen. For both security and privacy, the client opted for automated blinds. Downlights are used throughout the areas, which can be dimmed, timed, and controlled all from a keypad, saving energy and aiding the security features

Cigar room.

This room is all about kicking back and relaxing. The lighting scheme helps with this by simply dimming when required. All video and audio content can be accessed from this room for maximum entertainment.

The gym.

Total light control in the gym is a must for safety. Bright lights for workout times, then an all-off sequence once you leave – saving energy bills. And what’s a workout without the latest tunes to motivate you. All audio content is accessible from the gym.

Complementing the interior design.

Quality materials, luxury finishing, and close attention to detail have created a beautiful home. We designed and installed the technology with discretion in mind to not to affect the striking interior design. All equipment is concealed or presented in a minimalist complementary package.

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