This project is still ongoing, with the major, bright, light rooms of Lounge, Kitchen Diner, Orangery Guest bedroom and master dressing room not finished or shown. It’s a delight for me to work on this one, as the style is the closest I’ve ever had the opportunity to work on, of my own taste.  The combination of vintage, colour, art and eclectic blends of form and age make for a unique, relaxed and stylish home. This beautiful country house is populated by a funky young family, who already had a lot of wonderful vintage furniture and a large collection of original Art. Whilst the spaces of the house were all generous, except for the kitchen, the entire property was painted magnolia internally and lacked colour and some cohesion of
soft furnishing to pull each room, and the whole together, to suit the family
I was hired initially, to come up with some mood ideas, room per room. The client had shown me many Pinterest images he had been saving, which were mostly images of Hotels. The overall style he was hoping for, was a relaxed, timeless, eclectic, artistic and stylish feel that suited comfortable family living as well as being a bit unusual and show-stopping. A general vibe of a layered and laid back, 1930’s Gentleman’s country estate with nods to contemporary Art Deco. 
All of my main initial ideas were well received and executed.  The client and I worked collaboratively, over a year or so, to hone each space and I would suggest and source finishing items, like lighting, fabric and accessories and sometimes my choice would be the final one and sometimes he would find something amazing himself.  
As the kitchen was a little dark and small for the house, a stylish contemporary extension with copper roof shingles was designed and built by Jonny Marrion of www.hartdesignandconstruction.co.uk.  The client then hired me to liaise with the architect and design a new kitchen inside of this space. We came up with a contemporary Art Deco style in black, oak and used a gorgeous natural quartzite counter.  I spaceplanned, produced joinery drawings and sourced the finishes. T
he units were built beautifully from marine ply carcasses and oak slab fronts by the marvelous joiners Gilly and Jim of Juniper Kitchens (Website pending) 07715 637328.  The countertop was supplied by www.marblesupreme.com

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