Bolton Gin @ The Tap & Cork

The Bolton Gin Company recently purchased the Tap & Cork Bar in Horwich, Bolton. Nailed It Creative Design are looking after the full refurbishment of their new venture. They had very clear ideas about the look and feel of the new venue and wanted to incorporate lots of unique features on to a background of bold, bright colours and textures. We kept some of the original orange brick and then applied some of our colour fleck timber features along with a beautiful, curved microcement wall. We moved the bar to offer a larger seating capacity and finished it off with polished concrete tops. We are in the process of fitting and polishing a beer barrel feature end. The bar was single level but we have installed a staircase finished in burnt ply and are working to add a second floor.

With the recent purchase of a second bar in Ramsbottom we will be creating a replica look there too giving the bars a recognisable branding. This is a working progress and we will be updating the project as we go along.

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