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COP26 is underway

Over the next two weeks, the 26th UN Climate Change
Conference of the Parties, a global meeting of nearly 200 countries designed to
help us negotiate ways of limiting the catastrophic effects of climate change.

Around the world, storms, floods, and wildfires are
intensifying. Air pollution sadly affects the health of tens of millions of
people, and unpredictable weather causes untold damage to homes and livelihoods
too. But while the impacts of climate change are devastating, advances in
tackling it are leading to cleaner air, creating good jobs, restoring nature,
and at the same time unleashing economic growth.

Our industry can play a part in reversing the effects of
climate change:

 – Homeowners can save 320Kg of carbon dioxide a year by
installing and correctly using temperature controls

– Switching or dimming lights in response to presence
detection and daylight levels can save between 20% and 60% of lighting energy.

– Smart window treatments can reduce reliance on HVAC

– Automated systems are easy to monitor so you can see just
how much energy you are saving

Contact us for more information about home controls can improve the energy efficiency of a residential project.

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