Q-Fibre Open Construction Primary Matting System

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Q-Fibre is a hard wearing primary entrance mat with open construction. This allows debris to collect beneath the surface of the mat, maintaining a clean appearance throughout usage. It is simple to clean, as it can be taken up to ensure all mud and moisture is removed. It can be rolled up, making it easier to clean inside the recesses.

Q-Fibre is available in three thicknesses: 12mm, 17mm and 22mm. It is suitable for both foot and trolley traffic, and it incorporates deep profile aluminium scraper treads for maximum effect. The insert is a needlepunch fibre bonded rib, and is available in over 10 different colours. 

– Open construction

– Suitable for foot and trolley traffic

– Easy to clean

– Wide range of colours

– 12mm, 17mm and 22mm gauges

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