Q-Click 25cm Modular Matting Tile System

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Q-Click is a closed construction matting tile system which gives a choice of tufted nylon or fibre rib wiper strips, with integrally moulded alternating vinyl rib scraper bars. The tiles are 25x25cm, and can easily be clipped together for a cost-effective but efficient internal matting. They can also be shaped with a craft knife to fit specific matwells.

Each tile is 12mm thick, and there is a concealed assembly system. It can be re-arranged or re-installed by swapping the tiles around, allowing for even wear distribution across the matting.

Q-Click is available in a range of colours. It is designed for light traffic, and is suitable for offices and schools. There is a 5 year warranty available.

  • – Cost-effective
  • – Easy to install
  • – Interchangeable tiles
  • – Wide range of colours
  • – 5 year warranty

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