Dementia Friendly Flooring Transitions, Range 2.5mm to 9mm

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These dementia friendly flooring transitions are made from uPVC, with PVC infill strips available when ordering the bases. The wide range of colours allows the transitions to match with practically any floorcoverings.

The dementia friendly strips can be used between floorcoverings, or in door thresholds. They assist in the free movement of people with dementia, who may find it difficult to cross between areas with a large colour difference.

There is a choice of 14 colours for the uPVC bases, and 24 colours for the tread infills. The tread material is slip resistant, and LRVs are available for all colours, to ensure that the transition is within 10 LRV points of the floorcoverings.

– uPVC in 14 colours

– Slip resistant treads

– Wide range of LRVs available

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