Bolidtop 700 – The solid, durable, aesthetically sound seamless resin flooring system

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Bolidtop 700: At 5mm thick, this system has a Terazzo type appearance that is laid as a screed and mechanically compacted with a power float.  This floor has good anti-slip properties and is extremely tough and hard wearing yet easy to clean.  Bolidtop 700 is used in environments where contamination is likely and tougher working conditions are present.  Often used in industrial Kitchens & workshops and processing areas.

Composition: The polymers that are used in this system are tolerant, low viscous and low odour. They are based on solvent-free and waterborne synthetic resins. Bolidt develop and produce their products in accordance with ISO 9001 & 14001.

Base Surface: The most suitable bases for Bolidtop 700 are sand-cement screed, concrete and anhydrite. These need to be in good condition: stable, dry, clean and degreased. A detailed description of these and other base surfaces can be requested separately.

Setting: Bolidtop 700 can be walked on after 24 hours and can be mechanically loaded after 48 hours. Full chemical setting is attained after 7 days at room temperature.

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