Bolidtop 525 – The sleek, clean, high quality, seamless resin flooring system

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Bolidtop 525: by far our most popular and versatile flooring system, this 2-3mm thick poured resin floor is a perfectly smooth and seamless floor that is both durable and hygienic.  Being Polyurethane, this system has a degree of flexibility and comfort underfoot whilst still being hard wearing and long lasting.  Up to 500m2 can be poured in a single application meaning that large/multiple areas can be brought together with a single seamless floor.  There are 56 colours available from the standard colour range.  Multiple colours can be used in different areas seamlessly, and different colours can also be used within a single pour to create a more lively floor.  Slip resistance can be adjusted with the introduction of a very fine bead within the finishing coats for wet areas, and with a texture-less anti-slip coating. 

Composition: The polymers that are used in this system are tolerant, low viscous and low odour. They are based on solvent-free and waterborne synthetic resins. Bolidt develop and produces their products in accordance with ISO 9001 & 14001

Base Surface: The most suitable bases for Bolidtop 525 are sand-cement screed, concrete and anhydrite. These need to be in good condition: stable, dry, clean and degreased. A detailed description of these and other base surfaces can be requested separately.

Setting: Bolidtop 525 can be walked on after 24 hours and can be mechanically loaded after 48 hours. Full chemical setting is attained after 7 days at room temperature.

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