Walls Can Be More

Walls Can Be More is an independent interior design and visualisation studio based in West Didsbury, Manchester. The studio was founded by Kenward Garg. As the founder, Kenward leads all design and visualisation for the studio’s packages’; as well as the studio’s communications, research and development and, strategic goals and initiatives.   

Inspired by architecture that is in harmony with nature: a common thread in all of his work is a deep commitment to forming the best possible relationship with the movements of the sun as well as a life-affirming sense of connection with the beauty of the natural world and all of the health and well-being it brings with it. 

Complementing this approach are four principles which – he hopes - will help bridge the so-called “imagination gap”:  a phenomenon in which beautifully conceived and finely-crafted architecture and interior design is sadly, inequitable, undemocratic and unattainable for the average home or business owner; and frankly, this is everyone’s loss. 

Implicit in this design and business philosophy is the primary problem facing humanity today: a spiritual estrangement from the source of all life, the creative energy of the Earth; in favour of a pathological and highly destructive, relationship with mass media and modern technological culture that distracts and ultimately blinds the minds of humanity.

Kenward Garg