Suzy Harris Design

Interior Designer / Sole Trader specialising mainly in Residential projects, but with some commercial experience

Helping my clients make the most of their spaces, budgets and time as efficiently and stylishly as possible.

 An experienced and versatile Interior Designer, based in Bristol.  I love enabling my clients to make the most of their space and working with them collaboratively. I focus on end results which balance client's practicalities, parameters, time and budgets with designs that best reflect a place they wish to live. 

 A versatile, creative and practical graduate of Fine Arts and Psychology, with over 15 years client-facing experience within Interior Design working in the residential and commercial fields. Combining technical ability, vision and creativity with solid project management skills, I am commissioned across a wide field of residential, commercial and event projects and can also work on a consulting basis.

I've developed a broad skill set and have a creative mind with a solid, practical slant and logistical knack.  Able to produce all CAD plans required and work alongside builders, electricians, plumbers and architects to combine the design with practical requirements. I have an in-depth knowledge of finishes and suppliers of furniture, textiles and accessories. Detail oriented, I have a strong sense of what ‘works’. I also take on commissions for bespoke artwork for interiors. ​

Combining creativity with honesty and dedication, supported by solid organisation, communication, project management and problem solving.

​Based in Bristol I travel widely across the UK for work and prefer to start a project with a one on one discussion with the client in person.


recently extended and renovated our 19th Century stone-built cottage.
The project, excluding the planning time, took 5 months to complete. Initially
we employed Suzy to help with the layout of the kitchen and the finished décor
but it soon became clear to us that we lacked the experience and knowledge to
facilitate the necessary decisions about layout and flow of individual rooms
and through the house and we soon expanded Suzy’s remit to include layout plans
of window sizes and positions, in-built storage solutions and to procure
joiners quotes, produce a budget spreadsheet to cover every aspect of the
renovation, produce an electrical plan, help source the flooring and tiling, help
choose some furniture and lighting as well as suggest and draft a design for
the kitchen and utility layout and put together a colour palette.

was able to listen to our ideas and help us get to the position we need to be
in, and she achieved all this through e-mails, phone calls and visits to
furniture and kitchen showrooms. A wealth of product images, ideas and final
documents were clearly labelled and laid out and shared using dropbox. 
We are
extremely pleased with our home and although it is put together beautifully it
feels homely and sympathetic to the age of the property which is exactly what
we wanted.  
We have
happily recommended Suzy to family and friends.

Julia and Jason


Thank you,
Suzy, it was lovely to have you design our kitchen and dining space. Your
attention to detail was fantastic and we loved all the ideas you presented to
us. It was great to have your help and guidance with the project and we are
delighted with the end result. We have all your ideas and suggestions and will
continue to have fun making the final touches.

Jill, Jon and family


Last year we opened a beautiful Art Deco cinema with a nearly impossible
set of circumstances.  It was a full
renovation and restoration of an original Art Deco cinema closed since the
1960’s.  Six months before the opening
date the building was still a shell.  Initially brought on board just to
choose furniture and colour schemes, Suzy ended up working on every aspect of
the design, from electrical layouts and ceiling levels through to the bar,
toilet and door design, joinery drawings and Art Deco cup-holder details on the
beautiful custom made yellow leather seats in the auditorium.  She acted
as a bridge between the client and the various trades to ensure everyone pulled
together in the same direction. She was extremely well organised and met all
our demanding deadlines and thanks to Suzy we opened on time with no disasters
and a lot of successes. Thank you Suzy!

Emma Goddard

Regal Cinema Fordingbridge


Having either done the interior design in our home myself in the past and
once or twice hiring help, I was aware how much work and time goes into it and
how expensive it can be. When we needed to do up our basement and make it into
a more adult space, now that our grandchildren are bigger, I decided I was a
bit too tired to do it all myself. I saw that Suzy worked from basic hourly rates
and also did consultation for as little or as much as needed. I also really loved
that she was an artist too.

She chatted with me about ideas for the TV room but also suggested we do
the hall and utility room at the same time so that the whole basement floor was
as smart and in-keeping in style.  She
made a lot of great design suggestions but always asked my opinions and
preferences, so it felt collaborative. Although I hired and paid the various
trades people directly, Suzy liaised with them and ensured their pricing was
fair and obtained other comparative quotes and made sure they had proper
instructions and plans etc.

 When I was going to panic about the strong colour we had had the room
painted in, she was calming and asked me to wait until we had the furniture and
art back in, to see how it would look, but that she would help me change it if
I didn’t love it, even if she had to repaint it herself!  She came and styled the room with some of our
stored items and books and loaned us some art of her own. I could see clearly
then, how lovely it was going to look and I’m glad she talked me down before I
threw out the baby with the bathwater!

We ended up commissioning her to do the wonderful artwork for the room
also. We love the TV room, but my biggest surprise is how proud I am of my new
utility room. It’s so lovely, I almost don’t want to use it!  
As she passed on her trade discount for the sofas, the hourly rates I paid
her were more than negated and her help was amazing value and very valuable! I
definitely couldn’t have achieved all this on my own.

W. Blackmore


Suzy had worked for me a few years ago, furnishing a rented house. That
was done in a modern style, as it was a modern house. When I engaged her to do
the full interior design and project management of our new house, which was
being totally renovated on the inside, I was expecting something similar. I
gave her an open brief, simply asking for it to look elegant and to provide
large beds. The designs she came up with were a very pleasant surprise. Using
the Regency style façade of the house as inspiration and liaising with our
architect and developers, she delivered a very friendly and original house,
filled with beautiful and interesting things down to the smallest detail. My
wife is also very happy and our children love their rooms. We find it a
comfortable place to live and are proud to show it to our friends. For the
result we got, the price was very reasonable and the whole big project happened
almost without a hitch.  I am most happy
that the house does not look like any other I have ever seen. It’s very
original. I would recommend Suzy to anyone looking for an all-round residential
interior designer and project manager.

George King


Working with Suzy was extremely collaborative. She asked simple questions
about the rooms; a mixture of the pragmatic (if you are working, where will you
put your laptop), what is your budget and aesthetic? What materials do you
like? What colour palette? Which artists or designers have inspired you? She
then returned with a number of different concepts from which to choose.
  She was always very clear about timings and costs and put together the
chosen concept brilliantly. She also looked after the small details very well,
such as sourcing a bespoke bolster or tracking down some lamps, that were out
of stock, from an alternate source.

 David Byrne


We used Suzy’s services
as a consultant and for space planning and moodboards for a building project my
husband and I could not agree on. As a builder and civil engineer, he had
decided to add a garden room on to our house, which seemed to me to be an
unnecessary folly, especially as we already had a good conservatory.

Suzy asked many pertinent
questions and made many suggestions about ways that this room could be used and
fit in with our lifestyle and the general style of our house. She showed us the
way that the space could be utilised and made lists and gave us images and
detailed specifications of options of potentially suitable furnishings and
colour schemes which were very well priced. Ultimately, she helped us to find a
shared vision and to turn a contentious project into something we were both
excited to complete together.

Mrs Elspeth Cotton


Suzy was like a dream come true.
I approached Suzy for help after months of tearing my hair out with my living
space. Although I had decorated the remainder of my house myself I could not
find the right feel for my lounge and desperately needed some guidance.
Suzy was brilliant and after an intense hour of brain storming colours and
ideas, she returned a day or so later with the perfect design to make my
current furniture fit with a cool colour scheme and matching soft furnishings.
If it wasn’t for Suzy, I'd still be entertaining in my kitchen.

Samantha Mori


Dear Suzy,

Thank you very much for my bedroom. I loved it! I loved the blue walls and
the added decorations like the butterflies and the peacock feather design. I
also liked the necklace and the earrings. I like this bedroom particularly
because it has an interesting “nature” kind of theme like the shells in the
bathroom. I never thought I would have a bedroom like this.

Anna (aged 12)


Suzy came to help with our 'blank canvas' of a cottage and her ideas were
instant. Within a few hours we had pages of thoughts and ideas, colour schemes,
lighting and fabric suggestions to take the place of our magnolia walls and mismatched
furniture and all on her first visit - there was no going away and thinking
about it.  This was followed by a concise
list of websites and stores for us to look at and with her help transform our
cottage from drab into a dream.

 Emily Reed


We knew that we wanted to achieve something special when we set about
redecorating our sitting and dining rooms.  We were unsure quite how to
achieve that transfer from mental image to reality; this was where Suzy came
in.  Being introduced to Suzy was the best thing that could happen to our
home improvement project!

Suzy has the unique ability to see space and possibility where to the
untrained eye none seem to exist.  Her experience and ideas enabled us to
remain true to the character and age of our house, whilst introducing a modern
contemporary feel and look in subtle, sympathetic ways.

The end result is a
delight and pleasure that we enjoy each and every time we enter the room, we
cannot recommend Suzy highly enough

 Karen and Andy




Suzy Harris