Scandinavian Dialogue by Christinas Interiors

Scandinavian Dialogue by Christinas Interiors

Helping to improve your work environment with interior solutions for better performance results.

Too often we take our environment for granted, it's just there..... but our surrounding matters much more than we realise, either supporting or working against us. To help with focus, wellbeing and better work performance, the way we handle our workplace can be of valuable support, which should be utilised to its best, making our everyday worth-while.

Christinas Interiors helps companies translate brand identity into the work environment through interior design guidance. Reinforcing company message through visual interpretation of company values, helping strengthen core identity, inspiring imagination and wellbeing with consistent focus on strength and performance results. A well working office is an ambition which most of the time is set out at the beginning of a business journey but in time soon neglected. Often simple solutions go a long way, inspiring an upswing mood, supporting both staff and clients. It often takes very little to help initiate substantial shifts, so also for the space we use. If this can be done in a straight forward, effective way, there is no reason not to ask for such help. All parts of visual presentation are important, helping a business to grow with confidence. The spacial presentation of the work place is an integral part of the brand identity and company mission.

In 1998 I co-founded the concept of Skandium, a retail emporium for modern Scandinavian design. In 2016 I left Skandium together with co-founder Magnus Englund. The aim with Skandium was to collect a wide range of Scandinavian classics, mixing these with contemporary Scandinavian design, using the slogan, 'better quality for everyday living'. During my Skandium years I offered interior design services for private homes and companies. I also created a wide range of products exclusively for Skandium.

My interest in life is to foster inspiring spaces, offering good quality living, supporting individuals and brand identity for better performance results, achieved with less stress through a well set up environment.

My focus is no longer on Scandinavian design only, instead I am interested to mix a variety of ideas and styles, always with quality and craftsmanship in mind. These elements support our wellbeing, helping to thrive, be the best we can be.

And of course this also goes for private homes for which I am likewise passionate of supporting, helping people to find the best solutions tailored to their dreams and aspirations.

Co-Founders at Skandium - Brand Ambassador - Interior Design - Product Development

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