People and Spaces

My Background

Hi, my name is Emilie and I’m an Interior Architect and Designer. I was born in Helsinki, yet lived my early life abroad, mainly carrying a suitcase, meeting extraordinary people and spaces and in a variety of cultures. My only permanent sense of place is my simple, wooden cottage that my grandparents built in Finland, surrounded by forest, overlooking a lake, with a sauna. 

I have almost two decades as an interior designer, having worked extensively in London, Sydney and Helsinki both in private and public sector projects. I use my experience to understand the context of the environment and the people using it with a particular emphasis on how people navigate, feel and use their spaces. My design focus is all about people and spaces.

My Ethos

When it comes to our homes, the people and spaces of our everyday life, our haven, there is very little information on what is a sustainable home. How can we make less impact? What will last a long time? To me, designing sustainable homes includes more than just sourcing sustainable materials and furniture, it is a holistic package of function, use and quality of the space, as well as the users own personal taste. Sustainable design can be woven seamlessly into your everyday life, it is functional, timeless, yet personal.

Emilie Heinonen

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