Stratum Resin Flooring

Stratum Resin Flooring

Designing floors for the future, with innovation, quality and customer care at the heart of every project.

Shaping spaces together

An experienced team of designers, passionate about aesthetics and durability, we help you find your style and turn your space into an inspiring environment. Your floor is more than premium engineering, it’s the ground beneath your feet. You know how it should function and how you want it to look. We take care of both. Our designers and engineers understand people and spaces and bring expertise and outstanding results to every project.

From decorative floors to performance systems, we cater to architects, interior designers and private clients with floors of any size, for private, public or commercial spaces.

Together with our partner Bolidt, we design, supply and install the highest quality resins on the market. Bolidt has been leading the global market in innovative synthetic applications for over 50 years.  They are leaders in safety, sustainability, energy, design and hygiene and develop, produce and supply high quality flooring systems, which our specialist teams install across the UK.

Your surface, your style, our mission

What makes us different? Maybe it’s the end-to-end service we offer every client, or maybe it’s the enormous pride we take in our work. It’s impossible to achieve outstanding results without building trusting relationships, and we stand by your side throughout your journey.

Floors for All Spaces

From heavy industrial floors suitable for forklift trucks to operating theatres where hygiene is critical and heated living spaces where comfort is key, we have the perfect floor for your space. We’ve laid the foundations for feet, furniture and equipment in many environments, including:

– Education

– Healthcare

– Pharmaceutical

– Hospitality

– Retail

– Public buildings

– Sports

– Stadiums

– Industrial

– Residential

Whether its a heavy industrial floor suitable for forklift trucks, an operating theatre where hygiene is paramount, or a heated living space with maximum comfort being key, we have the right flooring solution to suit.

Strength, endurance, style

The floor is applied in liquid form for a seamless, even finish and guarantees a non-slip surface. Our floors are smooth, pore-free and hygienic, easy to maintain, durable and wear resistant. Thanks to their elasticity, they are resistant to impact, scratch and cracks. Go on – do your worst!

Stratum & Sustainability

For us, sustainability is more than a buzzword. We care about our beautiful planet, and we only work with environmentally friendly products. Our floors are solvent-free and 100% free of plasticisers (phthalates), with highly durable colour retaining systems selected from the Natural Colour Scheme, made from organic pigments from plant extracts. Chalk, stone, residual waste and vegetable oils replace mineral oils.

Floors consist of a thermosetting polymerbased synthetic material, adjusted to suit the specific application. They achieve BREEAM A+ and hold the ecological synthetics hallmark. Every floor is manufactured to order and mixed on site, for zero wastage.  

Upcoming products / ranges

Bolidtop 525 With a matt surface and uniform colour scheme, this comfortable, walk friendly viscous – elastic floor produces high wear resistance and a reduction in contact noise. With versatile colour options, this finish is an architect’s dream.

Bolidtop 525 TF An extension of the 525, this floor is luxurious underfoot – yes, even barefoot. The finish is comfortable and suits every taste with its wide choice of colours. Seamless coved skirting boards along the walls make the system waterproof and hygienic.

Bolidtop 525 Deco A customised, unique combination of scattered Bolidt Decoflakes on top of the main colour offers this poured floor a unique fresh look and seamless feel. This tough elastic system is scratch resistant, wear resistant, comfortable to walk on and reduces contact noise.

Bolidtop 700 This robust and aesthetically appealing floor finishing system features high impact resistance. The mechanically compacted floor with terrazzo appearance can be heavily loaded and is slip resistant for a safe working environment.

Bolidtop 200 RF This durable epoxy floor coating has a special anti-slip finish and creates a bright, fresh atmosphere. Based on solvent-free, two-component synthetic resins, the floor offers exceptional wear resistance.

Bolidtop FiftyFifty This modern and comfortable floor system blends two harmonious colours to create a vibrant aesthetic and a beautiful bespoke finish. The tough elastic system is scratch resistant, wear resistant and reduces contact noise.

Bolidtop Sensation Offering endless design possibilities, this comfortable floor finish system is applied on-site with hard or soft lines. Combine your favourite colours and patterns to create a stunning bespoke floor in your own unique style.

Bolidtop Print Incorporating printed photographic images into your floor with clarity and precision, your unique image projects your style and vision in a striking high wear and scratch resistant floor.

Boligrip 1250 Ideal for intensive car traffic, the tough elastic synthetic balances layer thickness with a choice of added features to create the ultimate slip resistant floor, ideal for the rough finish required on ramps and parking decks to accommodate frequent wet loading.

Esthec Luxurious, comfortable and contemporary outdoor decking. This terrace system enhances spaces with its functionality and sense of luxury. Endless design solutions are available with a range of colours, for a modern, clean look. Durable and low maintenance, Esthec is made of natural ingredients. The non-slip and high comfort surface is ideal for wet areas.

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