Stratum Resin Flooring

About Stratum

Stratum Resin Flooring are the privately owned UK wide partner of Bolidt Synthetic Products and Systems from the Netherlands, who supply some of the highest quality resins on the market. With over 50 years combined working experience, our talented and knowledgeable company is able to provide a complete service from creation to supply and installation, all under one responsibility.

Our Complete Service

Stratum prides itself in providing a comprehensive service to their clients; this starts from initial advice and assistance in the selection of the correct flooring system, through to the final installation using professional fully trained application teams. Through specialising in decorative as well as performance systems for flooring, all the requirements of the architect, interior designer and private clients can be met, whether for private, public or commercial use of any size.

Floors for All Spaces

Stratum offer a wide range of innovative flooring products. We provide bespoke poured floors that are suited to many schemes and have completed projects in sectors such as:

Education, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Hospitality, Retail, Public Buildings, Sports & Stadiums, Industrial and Residential.

Whether its a heavy industrial floor suitable for forklift trucks, an operating theatre where hygiene is paramount, or a heated living space with maximum comfort being key, we have the right flooring solution to suit.


Our flooring systems are applied in liquid form creating a seamless, even, functional finish, unlimited in colour and design. Each project is manufactured to order and mixed on site meaning zero waste is encountered.

Stratum & Sustainability

 All systems are 100% free of plasticisers (phthalates) and are solvent free. Each product comprises of exceptionally durable colour retaining systems selected from the Natural Colour Scheme (NCS). They are made from natural, organic pigments taken from plant extracts, chalk, stone and residual waste. Vegetable oils replace mineral oils in our flooring solutions.

The key systems Stratum offer achieve Breeam A+ and have received the ecological synthetics hallmark.  There is zero wastage with our flooring as all of the product is mixed and applied during install.

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