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Period renovation specialists

If you are running a business in a period building we can help you achieve the period-correct interior alongside concealed and integrated connectivity and facilities.

Specifying new materials

Incorporating new materials, that are correct for the building’s
heritage, that harmonise with the antiques and period detailing.

Renovating antiques

Renovating antique furniture in a gentle way so that it retains its patina and look of age but is brought into good repair.

Bespoke furnishings

Designing bespoke furnishings to harmonise with existing period details and that are appropriate for the building’s history.

Heavy-duty materials

Sourcing and specifying materials that harmonise with the building’s
heritage and that are robust enough to stand up to the use of a flow of

Repairs and replacements

Organising craftsmen and artisans to replicate and renovate antique decorative details.

Sourcing heritage pieces

Researching the building’s heritage and sourcing antique pieces that match or complement existing furniture.

Carol Rutter