Danielle Louise Fleming Interiors Ltd

Based in North Yorkshire, I work with design & build firms, design studios, direct clients and fellow freelancers on nationwide projects. I’m here to provide honest advice and often partner with industry experts, ensuring a well-informed and fun approach for your unique space and values.

For me, design is about creating an environment for people to thrive in, whether that’s a creative workplace, a relaxing bedroom, or a quaint coffee shop. Not just easy on the eye but brings a multi-sensory experience, such as what does it smell like, what does it sound like, what does it feel like? If you close your eyes and picture an environment, it often comes with the memory of a sound, a smell, a touch – the full experience.

I aim to deliver a bespoke interior solution that not only comprises of a beautiful material palette but evokes emotion through the use of texture, sound and fragrance. I focus on productivity in commercial workspaces to balance and give choices to people where they are most productive.

My skills lie in understanding those who use the space, their personalities and behaviors in work and play, backing beautiful design with research and psychology. 

Danielle Fleming