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Originally from Vancouver, I have now lived in the UK for more years than I lived in Canada; which is long enough for my family to think I sound 'so English' but not long enough for anyone else to think so.  

Prior to graduating from KLC School of Design in London I worked as a camerawomen for Nickelodeon and Channel 5 which, although not an obvious route into interior design, is more connected than you might think. Although each job requires technical and creative abilities, I think at their hearts both are about the ability of instinctively knowing what is aesthetically pleasing.  

Currently I work both for myself and an online interior design company working on both residential and commercial properties across the UK.  I  also enjoy writing articles on interior design for Bristol publications and was excited to recently win first prize (and a trip to Ibiza!) when the company I work for held a competition amongst it's designers to create a design for an AirBnB.  

A designer I recently worked with described my style as 'eclectic industrial'.    I hadn't really given thought to naming what my own style is as I just know what I like and what I don't but I think that's a fair description.   I do know that there are some givens you will find in any space I love and any design I create:  

• A mixture of old and new: a cool vintage light or reclaimed wood used in a modern setting for example  and it's almost a given I'm saving that room to my 'house I want' Pinterest board. 

• Simplicity with the wow factor - I in no way want to look at a room and the best that can be said is it's 'nice'.  

• And some things you definitely won't see:

• Overload of 'fun' colours and patterns. 

•  Cute - unless we're talking about your dog in which case absolutely. 

Katherine Ogilvie

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