Ana Engelhorn Interior Design is a London-based design firm who unites the old with the new to create fresh, timeless interiors for residential and commercial properties.

Echoing the Japanese aesthetic of wabi-sabi, our perfectly imperfect style brings out a room’s innate authenticity, celebrating the imperfections found in natural building materials and highlighting rich textural sensations.

In older buildings, we focus on restoring a room to its natural state, highlighting any historical features, while adding a modern twist. In new-build homes, we are guided by the client’s needs to inform the design and shape of the house, bringing in natural elements to complement the new. We love working with organic materials and furniture in its raw state to craft luxurious, stunning interiors our clients feel at home in.


“I contracted Ana Engelhorn to do the Interior Design of our new home in Weybridge, St. Georges Hill at the beginning of 2020. She had many wonderful and innovative ideas of how to bring new life into our old family home, and make it a new home for us where all the members feel content. She was able to work with the pieces of furniture that we brought along and combine then with new and beautiful pieces she found in various different places. Even with the difficulty that COVID presented, with delayed and lost items, we were still able to move into our new home at the planned date. She worked with the builders, and various contractors to ensure that the project was finished and done so at the highest level.”

“I would recommend her services to anyone who is looking for an Interior Designer who will create a home for you, the way you like it, as well as surprising you with details you did not know you wanted or needed. Her use of colour and combining different styles of furniture and art makes her a unique Interior Designer.”


“Last year when we moved to a much larger home, we contacted Ana to help us decorate it. She impressed us with her personal approach and ability to interpret our needs, likes and dislikes perfectly. Above all, she understood our desire to have a personal, enchanting ambiance. I would highly recommend her – we are so happy with our home.”


I was the lucky winner of Ana’s Christmas instagram competition. I won an online consultation offering help and advice to improve an area of my home.
Ana made the whole experience really straight forward and enjoyable.
I provided photos of the space I wanted to update, together with pictures depicting the style I like. Alongside these visual elements, Ana wanted to know a bit about my lifestyle and how I intended to use the space.
Once I provided all the relevant bits of information, Ana put together a list of suggestions with a useful colour chart and web links for the items suggested. I loved the fact that Ana provided a “more daring” and a “less daring” option for all of the items. She also offered advice on achieving the same look with a smaller budget.
I felt as though Ana really understood what I was hoping to achieve, and her advice has given me the confidence to make bolder decisions. I’m really excited to see Ana’s ideas take shape!


Ana Engelhorn