Interior Designers Learn From 2021

What Can Interior Designers Learn from 2021? What interior designers hoped to learn from 2021 was that it was a new beginning. And it was. The beginning of a new lockdown. Or put another way, the worst possible start. So, 2021 hasn’t been the bounce-back to ‘normal’ that many prophesied. Sure, we’re likely to end […]

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HELP! How do you design a bathroom?

It’s hard to know where to start when thinking about designing bathrooms. It’s possibly the most complicated room in the house, with plumbing, electrics and soil stacks to contend with. Here are my five top things to consider before embarking on a bathroom renovation. 1 – Soil Stack The most limiting aspect to your layout […]


Get the Most Value from Your Interior Design Project Pricing

Get the most value from your interior design project pricing. What this really means is, stop giving away services for free. The traditional model for interior design project pricing is relatively straightforward. That’s to say, £30-50 per hour for services such as project management and 10% to 30% mark-up on supplier costs. Even so, interior […]


How Interior Designers Can Manage Difficult Clients

How Interior Designers Can Manage Difficult Clients Working with difficult clients is inevitable for interior designers. Why? Because both interior designers and their clients are human beings. As such, misunderstandings and personality clashes will happen. Yet this doesn’t mean we should simply shrug our shoulders. And utter ‘C’est la vie’. Because there’s lots of things […]

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Designer Of The Week Spotlight with Inna Hart…

1. Tell us a little bit about you and Inna Hart Interiors? Interior Design Studio, creating contemporary interiors in Bristol and South West. Myself, Inna Hart, lead designer, working on predominantly residential projects. We cover all aspects of renovations – design & project management of the build, supporting our clients every step of the way. […]

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Interior Designers, Do You Use Your Clients Language?

Do you use interior designers’ jargon, and not the language of your clients? When asked, many interior designers will say no. But consider a few common phrases used in the Interior Architect and Design industry. For example, FF&E, accent wall, and drop ship. All of these phrases are well-known in our industry. But they aren’t well-known […]

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Take a Break, Without Taking a Holiday

2020 didn’t go well for many. For that matter, 2021 hasn’t been much better. As a result, it might be tempting to not take a break and go without the traditional summer holiday. Instead, use the quieter period as an opportunity to catch up. However, as interior designers know, rest is essential for creativity and […]

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IDS Lifestyle Technology

1. Welcome to to you and the IDS team, Tas. Tell us a little bit about IDS and your journey from conception to being a major player in the Lifestyle Technology and Smart Home sectors. Firstly, I’d like to thank the MyDesignHub team; we’re very excited to be a part of a community offering […]

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A guide to visual tools for interior designers

The adage of a picture being worth 1000 words has never been truer in today’s world of digital and visual communication. From websites to videos and social media, the wealth of visual channels and media available to showcase interior designs is astounding. Here is a round up of some the best digital channels for interior […]

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The luxury value of simplicity

Instinctively everyone wants to understand what is offered to them or asked of them. As brand owners it’s incumbent upon us to show we care by taking time to remove the complexity from marketing transactions so that the recipient of a brochure, an email or an advertisement can immediately understand what we mean. ‘Simple’ is […]

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Are You Motivated by Your Interior Design Career?

Shouldn’t your interior design career make you feel motivated? Everything’s going well. Great even. Your interior design work allows you to follow your creative passion. You work with a fantastic bunch of people. You even like your boss. Despite all of this, you dread Monday morning. Just because we think we should feel happy doesn’t […]

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Nailed It Creative Design – About Us & What We Do

From humble beginnings came Christian and Jonathan Walsh, two Bolton brothers from a joinery and decorating background who saw a gap in the market for high end wall finishes, media walls and quirky interiors. What started as trading scaffolding boards grew into the company we see today, Nailed It Creative Design. A generous host of […]

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5 in 5 Minutes Spotlight with Sofia Charalambous…

1. Thank you for joining us for our Partner of the Week 5-in-5 spotlight, Sofia. Let’s get straight to it; tell us a little bit about yourself and Bathroom Origins? In 1995, newlywed and working for the family bathroom retail business, Frixos, and I spotted a gap in the market for well-priced, design-led bathroom mirrors, […]


Designer Of The Week Spotlight with Nick Sunderland

1. Tell us a little bit more about yourself and Nicholas Sunderland Interiors? I originally trained as a Graphic designer working for large agencies in London, being a  senior Director within Young and Rubicam – Wunderman Worldwide, and WWAV Rapp Collins.  I was able, during this time, to involve myself in the design of many […]


Importance of Interior Design Goals

Let’s start at the beginning, what are goals? And are interior design goals different from any other type of goal? Enter ‘What is a goal’ into Google, and the ensuing tsunami of gobbledygook will most likely sweep you away. For instance, ‘future or desired result that a person or a group of people envision, plan […]


The power of brand ethos and storytelling

Rather than making your marketing messages all about selling, you can bring much more engaged readers to the table by leveraging their natural curiosity for a narrative, and establish a longer-term emotional connection with them. It is estimated that we are 22 times more likely to remember a fact if it’s embellished with a story […]


Designer Of The Week Spotlight with Federico Schilling…

Tell me a little bit about Flair Studio? The studio was born under the idea of combining the rigour and formality which are embedded in the architectural profession with little elements of unpredictability and glamour with the idea to slightly shift the angle and to generate new perspectives. The ability to work across residential, retail, […]


How do we implement Biophilic Design?

WHAT IS BIOPHILIC DESIGN? The term ‘biophilia’ was first invented by social psychologist Eric from (5. The Heart of Man, 1964 ) and later popularized by biologist Edward Wilson (Biophilia, 1984).  Biophilia meaning love of nature which emphasises on human’s essential attraction to nature and natural processes. It proves that human beings have a genetic connection towards the natural world built up through hundreds of […]


Tips for Securing Top Media Coverage

How to secure editorial coverage While social media has opened up a plethora of opportunities for marketing and PR, the importance of editorial coverage is as strong as ever. The prestige of editorial coverage, either in print or online, has shown no sign of waning and is much coveted by many brands and businesses. Here […]


Staying Motivated

Staying Motivated Staying motivated can be tough at the best of times. But after the year we’ve all had, keeping upbeat is just that bit harder. Like the budding shoots and flowers, we can beat winter’s gloom. And find a place where we feel positive. But like any journey, we’ll get there one step at-a-time. […]


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