Take a Break, Without Taking a Holiday

2020 didn’t go well for many. For that matter, 2021 hasn’t been much better. As a result, it might be tempting to not take a break and go without the traditional summer holiday. Instead, use the quieter period as an opportunity to catch up. However, as interior designers know, rest is essential for creativity and […]

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IDS Lifestyle Technology

1. Welcome to MyDesignHub.com to you and the IDS team, Tas. Tell us a little bit about IDS and your journey from conception to being a major player in the Lifestyle Technology and Smart Home sectors. Firstly, I’d like to thank the MyDesignHub team; we’re very excited to be a part of a community offering […]

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A guide to visual tools for interior designers

The adage of a picture being worth 1000 words has never been truer in today’s world of digital and visual communication. From websites to videos and social media, the wealth of visual channels and media available to showcase interior designs is astounding. Here is a round up of some the best digital channels for interior […]

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The luxury value of simplicity

Instinctively everyone wants to understand what is offered to them or asked of them. As brand owners it’s incumbent upon us to show we care by taking time to remove the complexity from marketing transactions so that the recipient of a brochure, an email or an advertisement can immediately understand what we mean. ‘Simple’ is […]

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Are You Motivated by Your Interior Design Career?

Shouldn’t your interior design career make you feel motivated? Everything’s going well. Great even. Your interior design work allows you to follow your creative passion. You work with a fantastic bunch of people. You even like your boss. Despite all of this, you dread Monday morning. Just because we think we should feel happy doesn’t […]

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Nailed It Creative Design – About Us & What We Do

From humble beginnings came Christian and Jonathan Walsh, two Bolton brothers from a joinery and decorating background who saw a gap in the market for high end wall finishes, media walls and quirky interiors. What started as trading scaffolding boards grew into the company we see today, Nailed It Creative Design. A generous host of […]

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