How do we implement Biophilic Design?

WHAT IS BIOPHILIC DESIGN? The term ‘biophilia’ was first invented by social psychologist Eric from (5. The Heart of Man, 1964 ) and later popularized by biologist Edward Wilson (Biophilia, 1984).  Biophilia meaning love of nature which emphasises on human’s essential attraction to nature and natural processes. It proves that human beings have a genetic connection towards the natural world built up through hundreds of […]


Rethinking Materials…

Rethinking Materials New Approach to Natural Material – Wood (CLT) The U. K’s dedication towards a reduction in carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions is now a matter of legal obligation. Under the Climate Change Act 2008, emissions are aimed to reduce by 26% by 2020 (by comparison with a 1990 baseline) and by no […]


Instant Boiling Water Taps

At HotSpot Titanium we care about our environment! If you want to improve as a brand you need to look forward. And when you do you can see that the impact we all have on our environment is huge. Of course we already knew this for a while, but making impact on this matter counts. […]


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