1. Welcome to MyDesignHub.com to you and the IDS team, Tas. Tell us a little bit about IDS and your journey from conception to being a major player in the Lifestyle Technology and Smart Home sectors.

Firstly, I’d like to thank the MyDesignHub team; we’re very excited to be a part of a community offering a unique experience for the design world. IDS Lifestyle Technology didn’t start its journey in smart home systems; the business started in IT, which then accidentally led us to home technology. The idea of designing and creating beautiful experiences for our clients with technology was a super exciting prospect. Since we put both feet into the AV and home automation world, we haven’t looked back and have gone from strength to strength.


Photo credit: ©Nick Smith

2. Having completed many successful projects with both Architects and Interior Designers, what do you feel your clients most appreciate about working with IDS?

We are boutique home technologists; service is at the core of what we do. We are client-centric, and from early on in every project, we ensure that we understand the client brief and keep constant communication with the client and everyone involved in the process. A consultative approach has proven to be far more effective and an integral part of our process. We have also heard from many of our customers that the home automation market can be quite a daunting prospect for designers; we bridge that gap and help designers know what they need and what will work best within their projects.


Photo credit: ©Nick Smith

3. You work with quite a broad spectrum of product types and offer many solutions; for our member’s information, what sectors and solutions do IDS excel in?

We only provide solutions that we know we excel in. Our primary solutions are lighting and shading controls, multiroom audio, visual systems, networks, WiFi infrastructure, security systems, media rooms, and home cinemas. But, if you need an element of technology control, we can usually integrate it. One of our favourite projects involved integrating the control of a glass roof, which then led to the terrace.

4. What would be your number one piece of advice for any Design professional specifying lifestyle technology?

Work with an AV company that understands what type of product and solution is required based on the brief. On many occasions, we have found that users find systems complicated when the idea is for technology to enhance the process and make life easier.

Photo credit: ©Nick Smith

5. For anybody exploring Lifestyle technology for upcoming projects, what can they expect if they reach out to IDS?

A friendly bunch of tech specialists that understand how to merge tech and lifestyle who have refined the art of delivering a tailored approach to every project with the client at the heart of the process.

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