Space take up – most good Boiling Water base-units are neat and compact but look out for those Commercial alternatives that will not fit under your sink!

Cabinet ventilation – the additional of chilled invariably necessitates cabinet cutting to allow the base-unit to ventilate

Hole cutting – ‘at the sink options’ combined with standard hot/cold mixer will invariably fit the existing 35mm sink-tap hole. Away-from-the-sink or aside-the-sink options invariably necessitate extra hole-cutting.

Power supply within cabinet – typically 13amp but always check

Safety – Most hot/boiling water taps have great safety features. As they’re fixed appliances surely far more safe than a ‘knockoverable’ kettle that has a ‘grabbable’ power-lead!

Warranty – go for the brands that offer a 5 year parts & labour warranty without a mandatory service contract! It’s perfectly reasonable for the client to expect a good life out of their pricey Boiling Tap so go with those brands who have the confidence to give a generous no-quibble warranty

100°C smooth flow – FACT: traditional tea drinking kettle users do not want the sub 100°C ‘kettle-taps’. Very few actually boil and very few of those that do can offer Smooth Flow. Enter HotSpot Titanium!!!

WRAS  – (Water Regulation Advisory Scheme) approval is not a legal requirement. WRAS simply certifies that the Boiling Tap is fit for purpose, does not waste water, does not pollute water and is compliant with the water regs

Buying tips – avoid expenses scale control in soft water areas (calcium hardness can be checked via the local water authority website)

Maintenance advice – go for Titanium Tanks as Titanium does not corrode, does not attract calcium limescale, nor does it impart metals into your hot drink. HotSpot Titanium offers a 20 year anti-leak warranty on all titanium componentry, how about that for peace of mind!

…there is a crazy trend happening – touchless boiling dispense, crazy!! For years instant boiling water brands have been defending against safety fears with fabulous safety features. Anyone who has visited e.g. Service Station w/c’s will know that touchless technology taps is not new it’s just taken Covid 19 for some to forget the skin-burn-risk!

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