Instinctively everyone wants to understand what is offered to them or asked of them. As brand owners it’s incumbent upon us to show we care by taking time to remove the complexity from marketing transactions so that the recipient of a brochure, an email or an advertisement can immediately understand what we mean. ‘Simple’ is one of our core values as an agency and we’ve come to appreciate the weight that it carries.

Singular simplicity

With consumers’ lives becoming more complicated – filled with multiple choices and an over-abundance of options – they seek products and services that appeal for their simplicity and because they decisively meet their needs. If what you have created is easy to use, works well and feels effortless when using it, then customers will love these services and products. The same can be levelled at all your marketing efforts in print and online.


Holistic approach

Simplicity is not just about eliminating steps, clarifying language or using intuitive graphics. Premium brands that succeed as a result of a paired back approach understand that everything must work in harmony and be joined-up seamlessly. Apple is a brand that lives by this mantra. Not only are their devices beautifully simple to understand and ready to use straight out-of-the-box but their meticulously on-brand communication is super simple in execution.

Apple realise that everything matters when it comes to simplicity. There’s no limit to the scope of simplicity in their brand world. From simplified user interactions to crisp white packaging, they know that getting it right means considering every detail as well as the big picture. Likewise, by taking a holistic approach premium interior brands can wrap themselves around loyal customers.

Decision simplicity

We advocate that businesses simplify the decision-making journey, so that consumers actually have to think less about the process. Premium interior businesses can do this in three easy ways by helping their consumers:
•   Trust the information they receive – providing recommendations by consumer advisors, ratings and reviews.
•   Learn effectively without distraction – simplifying the research process by offering clear and streamlined brand-specific product.
•   Review options confidently – making transparent buying guides and comparisons within collateral easily accessible.


Avoiding feature-itis

It’s tempting to throw too much at each touch point, but taking Google (the global authority on content) as an example of best practice, we can see how it is possible to resist that urge. Despite pressure to harness the power of one of the world’s most visited web pages to promote other brands, Google maintains a simple home page in the best interest of its users. Plain white with a blank box – totally fit for their purpose of searching answers!


Luxury in simplicity

Living simply with useful and meaningful objects offers an honest yet elegant way of life. This is as much a philosophy for living as an important product trend. It is steeped in the human desire for clarity of form and function – and this is the desire that we should be appealing to as we craft our marketing strategies.

Simple is an inner strength of influential brands like Amazon, Apple and Google. It will become necessary for every brand in the premium interiors sector to embrace this too. In a landscape of ever-increasing complexity, brand simplicity is critical for premium interior brands to get right or risk customer dissatisfaction and defection.

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