From humble beginnings came Christian and Jonathan Walsh, two Bolton brothers from a joinery and decorating background who saw a gap in the market for high end wall finishes, media walls and quirky interiors. What started as trading scaffolding boards grew into the company we see today, Nailed It Creative Design.

A generous host of clients on our books, all with different requirements; cinema rooms, luxury swimming pools, restaurants and bar fit outs, outdoor kitchens, and the day-to-day domestic jobs. We love working with a range of materials and watching a stunning centrepiece come to life from a bucket of wet concrete is quite spectacular.

“Customers are amazed every single day by the possibilities of concrete and microcement and the looks that can be achieved” says Jonny, “We pride ourselves in creating show stopping pieces of furniture or feature walls that we hope to be the talking point of that person’s home for years to come”.

As a team we never bore of seeing the look on people’s faces when you show them a table that looks like it is made from solid bronze and you tell them it’s actually colour pigmented concrete waxed and polished to a glass finish , it’s like a little bit of witchcraft! It’s such a versatile material that can be used for so many things, sinks, dining tables, cupboards, fire pits; you name it we’ll make it.

When it became apparent Covid was sticking around at the start of 2020 suddenly there was an air of uncertainty within the business. Jobs that had been scheduled were cancelled, clients no longer wanted tradesmen in their homes and practically overnight people had new financial worries that had not existed previously. It was a very turbulent and stressful time for the company but fortunately a few restaurants and bars took lockdown as the opportunity to refurbish and as people realised they would be working from home for the foreseeable and holidays were postponed they wanted to invest in their homes. As Boris announced the roadmap out of lockdown the enquiries came in thick and fast and the diary looked healthy once again.

This year has highlighted the products clients love and those that we will likely discontinue to make room for something new again. The company is ever evolving to suit the home interior trends and the updating of venues that are just starting to reopen.

We have a really strong team that is gradually expanding with the business and we have a solid plan for the next 10 years in place alongside plenty of ideas about how we can branch out and tweak our services and product lines. Particular favourites at the moment seem to be liquid metals in concrete, polished venetian plaster designs and slat walls and we are lucky to have Zac of Zachary Design on board leading the way in superior styling. His eye for detail is what adds that extra flourish to many projects and give the ultimate wow factor.


We love it when clients come to us with a vision, but they aren’t always sure how to articulate it or apply it to their home or business so when we show them our drawings and they see the sample boards it’s really rewarding to be able to bring a realism to their ideas. We often also offer concepts and designs that perhaps they haven’t considered before and then amalgamate our suggestions with theirs to provide an end result that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional with the client’s personality at the heart of it.

Throughout this process, we have always vowed to be the same down to earth, personable team we have always been no matter how large we grow. Our work speaks for itself and combined with the passion we inject in to everything we do we hope to have the winning combination.

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