1.Tell us shortly about you and Emma Webb Design?

I had wanted to be an Artist from an early age but my parents weren’t so thrilled at the idea!. So, after completing a BA in Psychology at UCD and being fascinated to learn how the environment impacts us emotionally and physically, I went on to study Interior Design and set up in practice as Emma Webb Design, in the late ‘90’s.

Helping people feel good in a space has always been a passionate motivator, and although aesthetics obviously play a leading role, I am constantly driven to create restorative spaces and deliver practical solutions to everyday needs.

I specialise in Biophilic design which is all about enhancing how people feel in a space by engaging with natural systems.

Much research has been conducted over the last 20 years that demonstrates how regular interaction with nature (even imitated nature – images of natural settings, plants, digital sounds etc) can lower blood pressure/heart rate; decrease levels of the stress hormone – cortisol, restore energy levels and improve concentration. We spend 90 percent of our lives indoors, cut off from the natural systems we evolved from, it is no surprise that the primitive parts of our brain crave this reconnection.

2. How do feel about what’s going to happen for the A&D Industry after pandemic is over?

The key post pandemic challenges facing Architects and Interior Designers will be to deliver built environments that are inclusive, multi-functional, sustainable and adaptable but also that enhance the wellbeing of those who inhabit them. Given the wealth of evidence that now exists linking nature exposure to human health, research has shifted from asking whether nature exposure improves health, to asking how nature exposure improves health and as a result I think we will see the growth of wellness trends not only in care and commercial interiors but also in homes.


3. What is your favourite part of the design process and why?

I love talking to a client a year or two after finishing their project and they are still in love with their space. I love it when they tell me they have shared joy and celebrations with family and friends in their home and that they are keeping healthy and well. I love being able to make a difference.


4. What has been your most rewarding project to date?

They all have been! Every project is different, with unique challenges and requirements. Projects abroad have been exciting to work on and have provided new insights and projects at home have allowed for a really hands on approach.

5. And finally what do you believe your clients like most about working with Emma Webb Design?

I am inherently practical and I think this is apparent in most of my work. I don’t believe in designing interiors that only look good on Instagram, so I work closely with clients to understand how they want to live their lives and then design accordingly, using design tools such as nudge design and biophilic interventions to make the best of the space specifically to suit each client and their lifestyle. I think this bespoke approach and engagement forges strong relationships and trust – which is key to all successful partnerships.


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