Designer Of The Week Spotlight With Maja Czarnecka…

1.Tell us a little bit about you and MM Design Centre?

My name is Maja. I have worked as an Interior Designer for over 13 years and build MM design with my partner Marek. When I came to the UK it surprised me that people have an ingrained belief that Interior Design is expensive and exclusive. My aim was to show people that quality Interior Design is accessible for everyone. 13 years on we have helped countless people reach their Interior Design goals. For us, the point of interior design is to help people to improve their life by improving their space.


2. How do you see this year progressing for the A&D Industry as we ‘hopefully’ exit lockdown for the final time?

A year at home showed for many of us how important our living space is. A well-organised home space can support our life, mental health, the organisation of our day, and even family relationships. So many of my customers have decided to:

REORGANISE THEIR HOME –  as all family members need their own space for working or studying.


CHANGE THEIR KITCHEN – as the kitchen is the heart of the home.

I have had many inquiries about extension design: outdoor kitchen and BBQ, Pergolas with a retractable roof and Hot Tubs, so I believe outdoor design will also be a goal for many people this year as well as interior improvements. 



3. What is your favorite part of the design process and why?

Space Planning – I know Devil is in the details, but this is a final part of the Interior Design process. Interior Design is about function, ergonomics, and communication; these are the most important aspects that will make your space to work for you.

People often forget about the basics, however, the basics are what makes space work.



4. What has been your most rewarding project to date?

I love challenges so the bigger the project the better.  Recently I have completed a beautiful project at “Heaton Moore – Stockport” it is a big kitchen with wide extension. 


In this project, we were responsible for the design, budget control, orders, contractors, and all job completion including project management.

It was a very challenging project but the result was amazing.


5. And finally what do you believe your clients like most about working with MM Design Centre?

The way we coordinate our projects. Working to a schedule and staying within the client’s budget is always my priority.

I like contracts and detailed briefs. Providing project management helps people who have no experience in home refurbishment. And providing full service “design to completion” makes the job a lot easier for our clients and us. 


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