1. How are things at the London showroom Olivia, are you starting to see a pick up in design projects now that we have a roadmap for exiting lockdown?

The construction industry has luckily remained fairly busy throughout the pandemic, and Cosentino has continued delivering and providing materials to construction sites.

Therefore, projects have remained steady over the past year.

Since the roadmap was announced on Monday 22nd February, I wouldn’t say we have not seen a sudden increase in the number of requests that have come through to the showroom. However, I would say that requests from Interior Designers and Architects have increased since the middle of January 2021.


Unfortunately, the showroom is not open for appointments, but we are offering clients virtual tours and digital visits of the space. In addition to this, we are hosting weekly events via City Live! which include RIBA & BIID approved CPD’s, product presentations and creative workshops for Interior Designers and Architects.

We are remaining hopeful that from mid-June, we will be able to put our party shoes back on, and open up the Showroom doors to welcome back all our clients with a well-deserved glass of bubbly!


2. We know Cosentino has been busy throughout but what have the London Showroom had to do to adapt to the challenges of the last year?

The London Showroom usually opens its doors to clients and customers 2-3 times a week for events. As a result of the pandemic, we have not been able to continue engaging and building relationships with our clients in this way. This was a real challenge for us, and it was totally unknown when we would be able to resume our normal state of play again. 

For this reason, the company developed the initiative, CITY LIVE! This initiative has enabled us to continue engaging and introducing new products to our customers digitally.


Alongside this, we really focused on introducing our professional platform, Cosentino We.

Cosentino We enables professionals to tailor their very own online profile for all things Cosentino. It allows our clients to order samples directly to their home or office, download technical datasheets and BIM files as well as explore all our products and look at our inspirational gallery.

Cosentino has had to become a strong digital player and developed this side of the business in a short space of time to adapt to the changes and needs of our clients. I feel proud to work for a company who is so agile and forward thinking that made this adjustment so quick and efficient.


3. And what is coming up this year? Any exciting news for us?

We certainly do!

Cosentino is always developing new products and constantly takes on customer and staff feedback to ensure we are providing what the market requires.

Last October, we developed a new collection in our Silestone colour collection called LOFT.

This colour collection presents Cosentino’s take on industrial in a line-up of 5 concrete colours. From soft creamy to hard, rough concrete, this was specifically demanded by the market as a reoccurring trend, which we were able to bring to life in Silestone. The colours have been named after 5 of the coolest and trendiest neighbourhoods in the world; Camden, Poblenou, Seaport, Nolita & Corktown.

All colours are currently on display in the Showroom, so please do book in a virtual tour or visit our website to take a look!

We do have some new collections which are due to be released into the market in the next couple of months, but I am unable to share them at this point, however, please do keep your eyes peeled on our website and designated London City Centre LinkedIn page. If you follow us here, you’ll be the first to see or hear about new colours and exciting releases!


4. Design is subjective; so what is your personal favourite range your work with?

Ooh that’s a hard one! We have so many beautiful collections it’s difficult to choose! Cosentino is a company who puts design at the forefront of everything they do and is focused on creating innovative surfaces for the architectural and design community. Having said this, there is one specific collection that stole my heart; Dekton Liquid.

This colour series was designed in collaboration with London-based pattern experts and designers ‘Patternity’. Each of the colours; Liquid Sky, Liquid Shell & Liquid Embers are inspired by the movement of liquid and are aesthetically innovative and as a collection touch on the future of global trends. My favourite colour from this collection, is Liquid Shell which celebrates a subtle softness and encapsulates the pearlescent shade of off-white with a rippling pattern of the landscape of the ocean floor.


5. And for our and final 5 in 5; for any Designer or Architect that hasn’t worked with Cosentino previously, is there anything that Cosentino do or is a welcome surprise to new clients?

Cosentino provides a surface and solution for any application thinkable.

We have 3 main brands; Silestone, Dekton and Sensa with each one offering something totally unique.

The catalogue of colours we have in each collection is huge and the properties such as resistancy on scratch, staining and UV alongside the design options available are second to none.

As I mentioned earlier on, we also have our fantastic digital platform Cosentino WE which is really helpful for Architects and Designers to use from the comfort of their own home. All of this together with our global goal to offer more sustainably sourced and manufactured products.

Cosentino cares for the whole value chain and has taken a huge step forwards to ensure we are committed to the future.


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