1.Thank you for joining us for our questions in 5 minutes, Hannah. Let’s get straight to it; tell us about Hannah Rogers… What do you do for Interior Designers?

Well, it’s hard to summarise in a catchy tag-line, but my background is in commercial carpet design, which I did exclusively for 22 years and still do to this day, but now that I own my own business what I really enjoy in addition to designing, is providing more of a consultation service to designers.

When it comes to carpet, being a ‘free agent’ allows me to be neutral about ‘brand’ and more focused on a fit-for-purpose product.

The carpet world is full of myths and biased views, so my job is to be objective when helping a designer source the right product for their project.



2.We know you have worked on some wonderful projects; which are you proudest of to date? And why?

I’m proud of them all, I couldn’t single out an individual project – that’s like asking what my favorite song is!


3.And tell us about Tessere, what sectors and products do you cover?

At the start (in 2018)  it was only ever meant to be stock or custom commercial carpet and rugs, but halfway through the pandemic, I started working with Portobello Art Consultants, and more recently Sileather-  a sustainable faux leather brand.

When I was introduced to Matthew Wailes I did take a side step into the residential sector and have since enjoyed learning more about handmade rugs, new fibers, and innovations such as luxury rugs made from upcycled plastic bottles.  But aside from the companies, I represent officially, when it comes to carpets and rugs I have enough connections to be able to source most constructions at the price points clients need to meet.


4.What ranges are you excited for this year?

I think I’m the most excited about Sileather, because it really does tick all the boxes when it comes to sustainability, and I love to see and hear how designers react when I explain it to them.


Silicone is commonly available and widely used in many products but to make it into a sustainable faux leather with all of its inherent qualities is quite an achievement by the manufactures and developers.  It was 17 years in the making and since its launch in 2018 its popularity has grown and I’m excited to be a part of that growth in the future.

5.What is the most satisfying part of working with Interior Designers?

Whether it’s carpet, artwork, or fabrics – they all form one piece of an interior designer’s jigsaw puzzle.  Having to bring hundreds of products together and have it all look cohesive, within a set budget and within a certain timeframe is nothing short of a small miracle and I love being a part of that; I’ve done my job if I’ve helped to make that process easier.


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