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At HotSpot Titanium we care about our environment!

If you want to improve as a brand you need to look forward. And when you do you can see that the impact we all have on our environment is huge. Of course we already knew this for a while, but making impact on this matter counts. Therefore, we are striving to be as sustainable as possible. Curious to know how? Read on!

What can specifiers do?

No longer shall specifiers be encouraged to believe by filtered boiling water brands that sustainability rests solely with good product insulation and decreasing bottled water sales. Specifiers must urge filtered boiling water brands to evidence shipping miles from point of manufacture, ethical sourcing of raw materials, and efficient waste management.

Reduce plastic waste

There can be as much plastic in spent filters as circa 60 to 80 small plastic single-use water bottles. And that’s a lot! We offer spent filter upcycling which fully up-cycles 100% of the plastic in their filters.

Filtered water for the win

Planet loving Specifiers should seriously look at the environmental impact of specifying chilled water when filtered water should suffice. What price to the planet of a few degrees’ temperature drop.

Chosen by Lush Cosmetics because of our sustainable footprint

Lush Cosmetics officially audited HotSpot Titanium to firmly establish ethical mining of raw materials, compliance with anti-slavery legislation, minimal finished product shipping miles when compared to the ‘others’. And we’re proud of that!

Did you know that with Hotspot Titanium:

  • There are no cabinet ventilation required with our products
  • Minimal heat losses
  • Minimal shipping to the UK
  • Great boiling tank insulation
  • Fully recyclable filters
  • Fully recyclable Titanium
  • No impurities added to the water from the boiling tank
  • Our products are clean, efficient, planet-friendly

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