My very first post for MyDesignHub.Com! So, what is it can I share with you to give this first, exciting moment the justice it deserves? By doing something I don’t normally do. Talk about me. Share my story. What it was that led me to start YourCoachApproach. And to become a business coach for interior designers

Who Is Andrew Brown?

First things first, me. The person. I’m a husband and working dad (as in working mum!). We have two beautiful, intelligent, and infuriating primary school-age kids. Before this, I worked in the commercial world of energy trading. After 25 years it was no longer fun. I spent too much energy hurdling internal barriers, overcoming corporate politics. It was time for something new. A fresh start

Why I’m a Business Coach

Two things inspired me during my career: developing others and bringing about change. I’m very proud of my role developing others. Through progression of young people. Or helping those in internal talent schemes grow. Likewise, I got such a buzz from transforming something that wasn’t working. Putting the client in the middle of everything. And giving them what they need

It’s that buzz, that pride that drives YourCoachApproach. Supporting others who are juggling so much. To allow them to get the most from their creativity. Their passion. Their business

Why Interior Designers?

Because of the significance of workplace culture for companies. It defines who works for them. More importantly, how they work for them. Workplace culture’s a blend of the company’s values, ethos, and norms. Not to mention, the physical space they occupy. Very much the domain of the interior designer. And companies can no longer ignore this domain

Workplace Culture Gone Wrong

Workplace culture can hold companies back. And an anti-flexible, anti-agile working approach is doing just that. Staff need to head into the office to prove their worth. Consequently, age and gender diversity suffer. As does employee engagement. Then came COVID. It stripped away the productivity myths and technology excuses that stifles flexible, agile working

Beyond the Traditional Office HQ

Is flexible, agile working the death of the office? Far from it, we need places to collaborate, innovate, and identify with what our company stands for. Certainly, we need to redesign offices to combat the spread of nasty bugs. More than that, offices need to be spaces where people want to go. And it’s interior designers who’ll make it happen

COVID’s exposed something else that society dreads. Even more than the virus. Rail station car parks stand empty. Yet, car parks serving out-of-town retail complexes are busy. We’re willing to brave the virus for the sake of home improvement. But we’re less willing to travel to the office. Why? Because people hate commuting

The solution is to bring the office to the people. A hybrid workplace approach; staff spending time in smaller, local offices and co-working spaces. New co-working choices are competing with traditional, often quite dull, premises. But they need the right mix of coffee shop feel and professional setting. The result, more interior design projects

Flexible, agile working is also working from home. One space with two very different dynamics. Even for homes with a study. Can one space have two dynamics? Without one intruding on the other? There are undoubtedly many solutions. And it’s our creative interior designers who’ll find them

Why I’m a Business Coach for Interior Designers

COVID has caused widespread uncertainty and misery. And changed many things for the better. Not least, transformed workplace culture for good. As a result, interior design has a great future. A future I would love to be part of. And that’s why I’m a business coach for interior designers



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